We've put together the MOST IMPORTANT questions we've been asked about #treskifest 👇🏼

1️⃣ I didn’t get the ticket in my e-mail or I have questions about tickets?
For all ticket-related questions, write to help@ticketer.ee.

2️⃣ What kind of COVID-19 proof is needed to visit the festival?
The festival is held according to the requirements valid at the time of the event and according to the government order. Currently, a COVID certificate is not required.

3️⃣ If I leave the festival grounds, is my ticket still valid?
Yes. After showing their festival or day pass at the ticket booth every visitor will get a wristband that allows them to enter and exit the festival grounds. Each guest is provided with only one admissions wristband.

The festival pass is valid on all three festival days and day passes are valid on the date they are bought for (during that day it is possible to enter and exit the festival area).

By removing the wristband you lose the right to enter the festival grounds and one ticket cannot be validated twice.

4️⃣ Can the festival pass be bought on the spot?
Yes, you can buy the festival pass on the spot if they are not sold out in advance.

5️⃣ Is it possible to buy a one or two day pass?
You can purchase a day passes for Friday, Saturday and Sunday separately from Ticketer https://www.ticketer.ee/treski-muusika-ja-inspiratsioonifestival-2022/?en.
You can also buy day passes on the spot if they are not sold out in advance.

Is there a chance that tickets will be sold out?
Yes. There is a possibility that festival and day passes from advance sales will run out. We recommend you buy your tickets in advance to make sure you get access to the festival.

Do I have to buy a ticket for my child as well?
All children under the age of 12 (included) are admitted onto the festival grounds for free. The festival family pass is valid for two adults and up to three children aged 13-17 years of life.

Is the festival ticket linked to the person who bought the ticket?
No, but you can enter the festival once with one festival ticket.

9️⃣ Does public transport go to the festival area?
You can come to the festival by car, bus and train. A bus runs between the nearest accommodations and the festival area. A more detailed schedule can be found on the festival's website a week before the festival https://www.treskikyyn.ee/festival-in-english.

Where can I park my car?
You can park your car in the parking lot a few dozen steps away from the festival area. There are signs and the team will guide you to the right place.

Can I enter the festival grounds with a bike?
No, we do not allow wheelers (bicycles, skateboards, scooter, etc) into the festival area. They can be left in the bicycle parking lot located in the car park near the main gate of the festival.

Is the camping area ticket valid for one tent or one person?
The camping area ticket is valid for one normal-sized tent (2-4 people). Bring as many friends as you want to the tent.

Where can I take a shower?
The glamping and tent tickets include a washing facility located in the camping area.

Is there something I cannot bring to the festival grounds?
You cannot enter the festival area with:
- Drink and food, or empty glass container. You can enter the area with your empty reusable plastic or metal bottle;
- Pets or birds;
- Drugs and narcotic substances (except prescription drugs);
- Fire, cold and other types of weapons;
- Self-propelled scooters, push bikes and bicycles;
- Professional photo, video or audio equipment (without accreditation of the organizer).

Can I enter the festival grounds with my medication?
Over-the-counter medication is not allowed on the festival grounds. There is a med point in the festival ground and in the pass where you can get medical help. The tent is also equipped with painkillers, plasters, etc. In order to bring a prescription drug to the festival ground, it is necessary to notify the team at the festival gates.

Can I come in with my own food and drinks?
No, your food and drinks stay outside the festival grounds. The festival food court has a wide selection of caterers and bars.

Can I enter the grounds with baby food?
Before you are able to enter the grounds with baby food or any other liquid that is intended for babies, please notify the festival gate team.

Can I bring my own water bottle to the festival?
Yes, there is a drinking water point for filling bottles on the festival grounds. For safety reasons, the drinking bottle cannot be made of glass.

Can I enter the festival with a backpack?
Yes, but be aware that the security team will check the bag. To shorten the queues and streamline the movement, please think carefully about what you really need.

Can I bring a pet?
No, please leave pets in the care of someone else during the festival.

Where can I get back lost items?
The lost and found point is located at the festival information point. If you discover after the end of the festival that you have lost or found an item, please write to info@treski.ee.

Is there a storage point on the festival area?
No, think carefully about what you really need with you.

Where do I turn to if I have questions about the Treski Thrill festival?