In our food court you will find a great selection of different caterers offering vegetarian, non-vegetarian and vegan options. We have chosen them carefully with paying attention to their menu, produce and healthiness. We have caterers who we love and trust! You will also find several bars offering alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages on the festival grounds.

The food court is open on Friday at 17-02, Saturday at 9-02 and Sunday at 9-18. You can pay by card and in cash in the food court and bars.

Who you will see in our food court: vegancafe Fern, Vana-Võromaa Vegan, 3 Tilli, Köömen, Põnnipannukas, Roots Coffee bar, RäppinGrill, Kooker ja Kosmose käru. In the Setoland area you will meet locals who offer authentic Seto cuisine.

NB! The festival has a deposit cup system. When you buy a drink, 5 euros is added, which you get back in cash when you return the cup. Be good, take cash with you.

The festival area has hand washing stations and a drinking water point. It is possible to enter the festival area with an empty, reusable plastic or metal water bottle that can be filled at the drinking water point. You cannot enter the area with your own food and drinks.